Ways to Use Extra Space

When it comes to interior design, there’s a lot at stake. Before you label me crazy, consider the following. First of all, “crazy” is an outdated and harmful term. How dare you? Secondly, the design of your home is, like your home, itself, an extension of your own personality and inner workings. Therefore, a failing in your home’s design is like a failure in your very soul, or at least it feels that way. So, you’ll want to work toward the perfect home, but that can be tricky. There are a lot of ins and outs in regards to interior design, so it can be a big ask to narrow your focus and find the design philosophy that works best for your needs. However, once you’ve done this, it’ll all be worth it to live in your dream home. In some cases, though, renovations like these can have an unexpected surprise waiting for you in the form of a spare room, and thus, a new challenge begins. Here are a few suggestions of uses for spare rooms.

First and foremost, I’d remiss if I didn’t mention this somewhat obvious, but nonetheless essential, idea. Using spare rooms as guest rooms is a time honored tradition, and for good reason. For one reason or another, most of us have, at one point or another, needed to stay at a friend’s house, and this usually means sleeping on their couch, or if you’re like me, on the floor with your jacket as your pillow. This is less than ideal, and though you may not have company on the regular, especially not company that stays overnight, it couldn’t hurt to have accommodations ready just in case. However, this approach may not be for everyone, and there are many more options, such as…

Another way to use a spare room is as a room for your pets. Pets are an important part of our lives, because they’re a part of our families. Pets don’t often have their own rooms, instead often living outside for the most part or simply coexisting with their owners. However, if you have multiple pets, or just a really big dog, it can be helpful to put their bed, kennel, etc. in a room of its own. This provides them with a little more privacy that they may or may not enjoy, but the main draw here is giving your pets a place to live and play that doesn’t get in your way and allows you to stay out of theirs, so pick up some toys from Petco and give it to your pets as a housewarming gift. They’ll appreciate it greatly.